Who We Are

At Maker’s Malt, we are Canadian craft maltsters with our origin in farming. As expert malt barley farmers we are passionate and connected to our land. The concept of doing a start-up craft malting operation was born out of the success of the recent Craft Beer movement. We saw a disconnect between the needs of the local Craft Brewer/Distiller and the typical source of their malt supply.

Grain to Growler

We dedicate our operation to the production of high quality malt barley. Our unique vertical integration of growing and malting allows us to emphasize quality over quantity.  Each year the first field to be seeded on our farm is malt barley giving it the highest potential for success. We grow, malt, and deliver our products right to the hands of our customers, a true end to end, innovative experience that ensures quality and celebrates the prairies.

The Summer Series

Maker’s Malt has taken 4 barley varietals on a unique 16-month journey from field to glass.  Find out more here!

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Malt 101

We have built a dedicated facility for our malting operation in Rosthern, Saskatchewan.  This site gives us both proximity to our farmer’s fields and access to some of the best quality natural water in Saskatchewan.   Our malting equipment is state-of-the-art and we have purchased one of the first of its kind ever produced in North America.

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