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Flaked Oats

$45 / 50 lb bag

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By Saskatchewan Oat Growers

Various contracted Saskatchewan oat growers.  Certified GF.  Certified NON-GMO.


Maker’s has partnered with MGM Seed and Grain on this product.  MGM provides: “Oats from the heart of the Canadian prairies, processed at a state-of-the-art gluten free oat mill.”  The oats are identity preserved from the farmer’s field all the way through the processing facility.  The high quality of the oats is obvious upon inspection and typical uses include high end food products (such as Clif Bars).


Packaged in 50 lb bags


Use wherever the use of flaked oats is typical.  Classical usage was for the creationg of a silky mouthfeel in a stout.  The softness and creaminess of many NEIPA’s are more recent typical usages.  Also Porridge.

Unique Batches

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