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Maker's Dark Munich

Maker’s Malt’s small farm collective grows barley in the heart of the Sask Valley. Located between the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers, the Sask Valley boasts some of the best barley growing dirt in the world. The barley is uniquely grown in reserve plots for Maker’s Malt and only the top 5-10% of our barley makes it to the malt house, with the rest going to large commercial maltsters. This unique vertical integration of grower and maltster allows us to align our agronomic practices purely with quality in mind.

$55 / 25 kg bag

Grown in Maker's Malt

By Elmer Enns

Elmer Enns is our original farmer having grown up on a mixed grain and livestock/dairy farm where we are still located today.  Elmer graduated from the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan in 1977 and soon after started DoubleEGrain.  Elmer is a strong steward of the land and believes in sustainability.  He was among the first farmers to incorporate “No-Till” farming which preserves organic matter and prevents soil erosion.  Elmer is the senior operator in our group and has participated in over 50 harvests.  Despite spending more time with his 8 grandchildren, Elmer is still full-time farming and enjoys the challenge each new season brings to the table.


The Munich is beautifully balanced between malty caramel sweetness and roasted burnt bitterness.  The aromatics are reminiscent of a dark Earl Gray tea.  Despite its robust flavor profile, the high quality barley has maintained an enzyme and extract package more reminiscent of a base malt.


Maker’s Pale is commercially available in 25 kg bags.  It is also now available in smaller 10lb and 2lb bags specifically for our homebrewers!


Maker’s Munich is ideal for darker ales, lagers, and bocks.  We push the envelope with our distinctive kilning recipe as the premium barley used by Maker’s holds up to the heat retaining solid enzyme activity for its SRM.  The kilning will add robust malty flavor and golden orange tones. Usage rates up to 50% or more may be considered.

Unique Batches

Each batch of Maker’s malt conforms with our “Single-Malt” philosophy.  It is a pure barley variety with no blending used to achieve specs.  It is traceable back to the field where it was grown and the farmer that grew it.  Each batch is then 3rd party tested by Hartwick College in NY to ensure quality and consistency before its release.  We provide a unique batch analysis sheet for every single batch ensuring you know exactly what is in your malt.

Batch 35

  • Moisture 3.9 %
  • Color 19.7 SRM
  • Protein 11.4 %
  • Fan 158 mg/L
  • Beta-Glucan 226 mg/L
  • Fine Extract 80.9 %
  • S/T Ratio 48.5 %
  • Diastatic Power 59
  • Wort PH 5.50