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Hestia Rye

This Organic Rye is grown by the Regier family of Hestia Farms in Tiefengrund (between Laird and the historical Fort Carlton).  Their home quarter is only 2 miles from our most northwest fields.  When the Mennonites emigrated from Russia under threat of the Bolsehviks, they were looking for soil that could live up to the vast Steppes of the Ukraine and western Russia and found it here.  This is Rye straight from God’s country!

$70 / 25 kg bag

Grown in Hestia Farms

By Ted Regier

Ted Regier has been a pioneer of the organic grains movement for decades.  Any visit to Hestia farms results in learning something about organic farm practices, interesting new crops and markets, new ways of cleaning and processing etc.  Ted’s a long-term resident of the RM of Laird and locally famous as a musician!


Organically grown by Hestia Farms.


Maker’s rye is commercially available in 25 kg bags.  It is also now available in smaller 10lb and 2lb bags specifically for our homebrewers!


This Rye has been specially kilned to enhance its toastiness and spice.  It’s light amber tone will remind you of a darker Vienna malt.  The statistics on this malt are fantastic…92% extract combined with extremely low Beta-Glucans at 51 mg/L could allow you to theoretically use this malt at any percentage.  Typically beer usage might sit between 5-20%

Unique Batches

Each batch of Maker’s malt conforms with our “Single-Malt” philosophy.  It is a pure variety with no blending used to achieve specs.  It is traceable back to the field where it was grown and the farmer that grew it.

Hestia Rye

  • Moisture 4-6 %
  • Color ~6 SRM
  • Protein 8-10 %
  • Fan ~150 mg/L
  • Beta-Glucan ~120 mg/L
  • Fine Extract 90-92 %
  • S/T Ratio ~65
  • Diastatic Power ~60 L
  • Wort PH 5.5-6