Our Malts

Wheeler Wheat

Wheeler Wheat uniquely uses Hard Red Spring Wheat (HRSW) rather than soft white wheat.

Our land has a long legacy of growing HRSW.  In 1911 Rosthern’s own Seager Wheeler won first prize for best North American Hard Spring Wheat taking home the prize of 1000 gold coins from the Canadian Pacific Railway.  Between 1911-1918 five separate entries won World Wheat Competitions and Seager became known as the “Wheat King of the prairies”.  HRSW is still known world-wide for its premium qualities and the Sask Valley grows some of the best HRSW in the world.

$50 / 25 kg bag

Grown in Double E Grain

By Elmer Enns

Elmer Enns is our original farmer having grown up on a mixed grain and livestock/dairy farm where we are still located today.  Elmer graduated from the College of Agriculture at the University of Saskatchewan in 1977 and soon after started DoubleEGrain.  Elmer is a strong steward of the land and believes in sustainability.  He was among the first farmers to incorporate “No-Till” farming which preserves organic matter and prevents soil erosion.  Elmer is the senior operator in our group and has participated in over 50 harvests.  Despite spending more time with his 8 grandchildren, Elmer is still full-time farming and enjoys the challenge each new season brings to the table.


Maker’s Malts farm collective is located between the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers in the Sask Valley.  The area has a remarkable legacy growing Hard Red Spring Wheat which continues to this day. The farm collective grow’s many acres of HRSW each year and what goes to the malt house is treated just like next year’s seed wheat, meaning no glyphosate is used in the crop.  Maker’s unique vertical integration of grower and maltster allows us to align our agronomic  practices purely with quality in mind.


Maker’s Wheeler Wheat is currently available in 25 kg bags. It is packaged and available within days of being malted for optimal freshness.  Call for special bulk orders.


Use when looking for a wheat with a unique character.  This wheat will add significant haze and body.  This wheat has a classic milling wheat flavour profile and can also add phenolic notes when used

Unique Batches

Batch Specifications

  • Moisture 4-6 %
  • Color 2-3 SRM
  • Protein 13.5-15.5 %
  • Fan ~90 mg/L
  • Beta-Glucan ~40 mg/L
  • Fine Extract 80-85 %
  • S/T Ratio ~25 %
  • Diastatic Power >80 L
  • Wort PH ~6