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White Wheat

We search high and low each year to find a pristine sample of white wheat to malt.  The variety of our first batch was AC Andrew and it was grown by Charabin Seed Farm.  I loaded up our White Tandem and headed west on a crisp December day.  Funny how old Tandems don’t like -40 C…I had a stuck accelerator cable and frozen air brakes before I had even crossed the North Saskatchewan.  A bit of rigging got me to Charabin where I not only loaded up white wheat, but was helped to a fantastic chili lunch with a crew of 10 from the local snowmobile club.  They had draught beer on tap from The Armoury in North Battleford and I later found it that the batch they were drinking was made from Maker’s Malt!  They also threw a heater on my air brakes so I could make it home without relying on the pen I had stuck in the release to hold out…what a beauty of a stop!  In more recent years we’ve worked with Antler Valley Farms in Alberta and the tradition of interesting road trips continues!

$60 / 25 kg bag

Grown in Antler Valley farms

By Wade McAllister

Wade McAllister continues in Penhold, Ab as a 5th generation farmer.  Wade has been a director of Alberta Barley and is a current helicopter pilot, often helping out in forest fire season.


Maker’s White Wheat malt is alongside organic rye, the only crop not grown by Maker’s collective in the Sask Valley.  We do this to ensure purity from Fusarium Head Blight (FHB) both in our malt and in our fields.  FHB can produce vomitoxin and promotes gushing in beer so rather than managing it, we select raw wheat that just doesn’t have it!


Maker’s White Wheat is commercially available in 25 kg bags.  It is also available in smaller 10lb and 2lb bags specifically for our homebrewers!


This wheat has the extract and enzyme package to be used for any and every application.  Use for traditional wheat beers and to add haze and complexity to anything in your line-up.

Unique Batches

Batch Specifications

  • Moisture 4-6 %
  • Color 2-3 SRM
  • Protein 10.5-12.5 %
  • Fan ~125 mg/L
  • Beta-Glucan ~60 mg/L
  • Fine Extract ~85 %
  • S/T Ratio ~50 %
  • Diastatic Power >100 L
  • Wort PH 5.50-6